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A unique blend of cultural heritages has afforded Dianne Basha Castro an enlightened and rich perspective of South Florida’s ethnically diverse population.  While Dianne’s grandparents were Middle Eastern, her mother was born in the Dominican Republic and her father was born in Haiti.  Her parents, raised in the Caribbean through their teen years, eventually settled in the United States along with their families.

Dianne’s parents met and married in New York City.  They relocated to the Miami area where Dianne, a native of South Florida, still resides.  Additionally, blessed by her marriage into a Cuban family, fluent in English and Spanish, Dianne not only has a broad understanding of Cuban history, its people, music and culture, but possesses a unique appreciation of South Florida’s ethnic mix and its range of customs and cultures.

Immersed in a blend of cultures from an early age, Dianne has had first-hand experience about the importance of one generation teaching another.  Whether it is English, Spanish, French, Arabic or Creole, red beans, black beans or hummus, the beat of Middle Eastern cymbals or the soul of Haitian Compas, Dominican Merengue or Cuban Son, she understands the importance of enriching our lives through shared experiences, particularly in the area of music and dance.

Dianne has been exposed to the art of partner-dancing and cultural music since early in her childhood.   Her father, Albert Basha, along with his three brothers (Ricky, Esper and Roger), and sister-in-law (Claire), were professional Palladium-style Latin dancers in New York and Florida, owning and operating dance studios in Brooklyn, New York, the Catskill Mountains and Miami Beach.

Growing up, Dianne spent many hours in her family’s studios dancing with her father and uncles.  On occasion, even at a very young age, she served as their partner while they practiced a range of dance forms.

Upon rediscovering the art of partner-dancing as an adult, Dianne began to fully appreciate the impact of her childhood experience and how dancing and music can bring families, friends and even communities together.

In the last few years, Dianne has been an active participant in the study of Argentine Tango.  She is also well-versed in several other forms of partner dances, including Son, Guajiro, Mambo, Salsa, Merengue, Cha Cha, Cumbia, Rhumba and East Coast Swing.

In addition to having a passion for dance and music, Dianne owns and manages a successful boutique interior design firm.  As a result of her business acumen, she has developed a strong sense of project management and the ability to provide clarity to each individual client’s creative endeavor.  Certified by the Board of Architecture and Interior Design of the State of Florida, Dianne is an experienced interior designer serving local and international clients in residential, commercial and large vessel projects.

In keeping with her desire to continue the tradition of generations teaching generations, coupled with her knowledge of the therapeutic value of music, art and dance for both individuals and the community, she is a co-founder of The Shimmy Club, Inc.

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