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About the Program:

Argentine Tango is a unique global phenomenon, its participants a family distanced sometimes only by geography.  Tango’s embrace, its constant over more than a century, now brings together people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. 

Tango intertwines the senses, drawing us towards its most driving force, its music; dancers share a language of the heart, an intricate communication no two speak in the same manner.   

Interpreting emotion through movement heals, liberates, and inspires.

The Shimmy Club, Inc. is committed to supporting the study of Argentine Tango and furthering the growth of the entire Tango community.  Our program Miami Tangos collaborates with local, national and international tango event promoters, organizers and instructors through networking, promotion, and production to offer affordable, accessible events.

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  The Shimmy Club Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) Non Profit Organization

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