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We open the door to a world of arts, culture and community for everyone.


                 PA-TIRIKI-TA: THE FILM

   With the support of the Miami-Dade

     County Dept. of Cultural Affairs and the

     Cultural Affairs Council, the Miami-Dade

     County Mayor and Board of County


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Music and dance unite.  They awaken, stir, even heal us. Dancing, we participate in the music and the moment, encountering ourselves and each other

The Shimmy Club emerges from a profound understanding of the social value of the arts. 

South Florida, well known for its ethnic and cultural diversity, is among the regions that represent our cultural future in the United States.  The Shimmy Club is working to strengthen and preserve this rich mix, helping communities 1) consolidate and promote their artistic and cultural assets, 2) develop community awareness and unity through arts education and outreach, and 3) eradicate stigma for persons with disabilities through inclusion practices and programming.

Since 2006, The Shimmy Club’s work has highlighted the need for a broader spectrum of opportunities for people with disabilities.  We open the doors to a world of arts, culture, and community – for everyone.

The Shimmy Club seeks to …

• Provide arts & culture education to people with disabilities.

  1. Promote inclusion and community involvement in mixed-ability environments so that people of all abilities may experience the same forms of artistic expression together.

  2. Make affordable and available to the community events that celebrate, develop, and educate the public in different forms of dance, music, and art.

  3. Bring life and recognition to the rich cultural mix of music and dance in South Florida.   To promote South Florida leadership in the preservation of ethnic music and dance cultures.

  4. Feature artists, musicians, and dancers able to enrich and teach the community.

  5. Become an active partner, a cultural catalyst, for all members of the communities we work with, particularly those with any venue or event contributing to the growth of music and social dance.

  6. Through ongoing community events, connect families and communities with their respective cultural traditions in music, dance, and the arts.

  7. Reach out to involve other communities within the United States and abroad, developing partnerships and exchanges.



Sat., June 30, 2018

The Shimmy Club together with Mariela Barufaldi



“Antitecnica Workshops”

Sat., June 30, 2018


At Powerumba

16117 Biscayne Blvd.

No. Miami Beach, FL 33160

$90 Early Registration

(before June 20th)

$105 Thereafter

Contact: diannecastro@theshimmyclub.org

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